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Patience, independence, confidence and expertise are a powerful combination. Our investment team has over 140 years of practical investing experience with deep knowledge across all asset classes and several market cycles. Our philosophy is rooted in our experience leading some of the world’s most sophisticated investment organizations, where we have overseen $100 billion in assets. All this enables us to have one primary, laser focus — delivering investment excellence to match the needs of each client.

We build portfolios geared to grow principal over a long-term horizon and protect principal in adverse market environments. To achieve this goal, we carefully diversify assets across geographies, asset classes, styles and talent. Our approach emphasizes sources of return beyond traditional avenues, with deep experience in private equity, venture capital, real estate, and hedge funds.

From time to time, our experience and analytics help us identify undervalued, overlooked and outsized investment opportunities.  We do not make dramatic or hasty changes to portfolios, rather we tilt portfolios toward those opportunities to achieve an additional amount of return.

Critical to our approach is identifying and partnering with the world’s most talented investment managers. We favor managers who are narrowly focused and unusually aligned with investors. We build close relationships and long-term partnerships with these managers, who make up a differentiated collection of strategies and returns. We demand complete transparency to fully understand their strategy and how it fits into the overall portfolio. A proven track record is critical.  A conviction that the key elements driving the record continues to exist is paramount.  We invest with established managers as well as experienced investors launching their own firms.  Selecting managers is both a science and an art, where depth of research contributes to success and experience hones judgment.